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Claire’s Blueberry Buckle

July 10, 2009


Well, this was originally going to be my Fourth of July entry with some sort of groan-inducing name like “Red White and Blueberry Buckle,” but I made this right before going to a party on the Fourth and fell asleep almost as soon as I returned home.  So we’ll just have to keep the spirit of the Fourth with us all through the year, or at least through the week, so I can write about it almost a week later!

I’ve really been craving blueberry-infused baked goods of late, and have perused dozens of recipes from tarts to pierogies to good ol’ fashioned pies. But then I was flipping through my copy of the Clarie’s Corner Copia Cookbook, which I bought on Amazon for two dollars when I first moved to New York and was feeling a bit homesick for one of my favorite hometown and college-town haunts. My best friend Sharon and I used to go there all the time, particularly during summers and college breaks, and sit at the round table in the front window, eating desserts and catching up over coffee, so I felt particularly compelled to try this one out (many more of Claire’s recipes will follow this one–hers is one of my favorite go-to cookbooks).

To tell the truth, I had never really tried or even heard of a blueberry buckle before I tried out this recipe, but I was really pleased by the results. The cake is dense without being dry, and the topping filled my apartment with the really comforting, lingering aroma of the mingling of brown sugar and cinnamon.



Whatever-You’ve-Got Brownies

July 6, 2009


I will tell you right now that it is a fact–not my affection-clouded opinion, but a completely indisputable truth–that my mother makes the best brownies in the world, ever. I had friends in college who said that their moms made the best brownies, and I would argue with them about it. And then they would try my mom’s brownies and shut up and perhaps cry themselves to sleep.

This, unfortunately, is not my mom’s brownie recipe.

No, the brownies whose recipe I am about to disclose parade on under the name “Best Cocoa Brownies,” but in my heart and in my stomach they are still not quite Mom’s. But they are pretty damn good anyway.

How did I come to the point of settling for another recipe, you may ask?


In America We Just Call it a Sausage: A (Culinary) Recap of my Trip to England

July 3, 2009

Lest you suspect that I wrote one entry and gave up, fear not, dear reader (hi, mom)!  I’ve just returned from a jaunt to jolly old England for a just-shy-of-two-weeks trip with two of my wonderful college roomies. We did our own bit of cooking, but for the moment I’ll just share a couple pictures of things we ate but didn’t prepare ourselves. English food is generally given a bad rap as overcooked and flavorless. I have to say, though, that pub grub is fairly palatable after a long day of sightseeing–especially when you eat it at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, the former haunt of my main man William Butler Yeats.  I love how snooty and British the sign out front is–oh, you were rebuilt in 1667, huh? Aren’t you steeped in tradition! Well, yes, actually–this is where  Samuel Johnson lived in the eighteenth century, where the Rhymer’s Club formed in the 1890s, and where many other canonical writers like Dickens bought their pints.  Perfect for an English Lit nerd like me:

Foodie Paradise? No. Awesome anyway? Yes.

Foodie Paradise? No. Awesome anyway? Yes.