Holiday Roundup

Happy post-holidays from Picasso Bear (who, in retrospect looks a little more like sassy coy bear…)! Needless to say, the holidays are long gone, but I thought I’d post some highlights from the past few weeks. I was back in Connecticut hanging with the fam for a couple of weeks, which was a total delight. Check out some of our photos, after the jump:

Christmas cookies are a big deal in my family. This year we “scaled back,” meaning that we decorated five dozen gingerbread bears instead of the usual twelve-or-so dozen sugar cookie bells, trees, and stars. My mom and I got a little slap happy this year as we brainstormed designs, which meant that family and friends receiving cookie platters from us got a lot of chocolate dipped fruit and hershey’s kisses, while our bears are still hanging out in tupperware in the garage. The highlights:

My dad made this one. It was his first time using decorative icing. I think he shows excellent precision of line and creative forethought.

My mom contributed Brian Boitano Bear, among many other dazzling achievements in the culinary decorative arts.

Here’s my contribution–Colonel Sanders Bear! Not to toot my own horn, but I think he’s the spitting image of the original.

There were some other dear friends of ours making Christmas cookies this year that I wanted to feature, but unfortunately the photos aren’t uploading. But I had the pleasure to spend my Christmas Day with Ethan and Derek, ages 11 and 8, who were the winners of the 2009 Second Annual Ugly Christmas Cookie Contest. Way to go, you two!

In other news, check out the newest addition to Jojo’s Kitchen, which was under the tree for me this year:

Her name is Roxie, and she is the result of Jason blatantly ignoring the “let’s spend $50 to $80 on presents” rule.  Isn’t she lovely?!?

That’s all for this year’s holiday roundup; more posts soon!


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One Response to “Holiday Roundup”

  1. a nony muse Says:

    those pictures of the ginger bread men (who look like they’re recovering from stroke) are incredible.

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