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Cabrito’s Rajas con Crema

April 17, 2010

Last week, Jason and I played a great game called “Let’s Try to Find a Restaurant on a Saturday Night at 8 with No Reservations and No Wait.”  We walked from his place in the East Village through the Lower East Side and across Soho, peeking into restaurants, wanting to be fed immediately, and finding hour long waits almost everywhere. So much for last minute date night.  Then, while walking down Bleecker, I remembered Cabrito, which is on Carmine Street in the West Village. As if our visit were totally meant to be, there was exactly one open table for two in the restaurant with nobody else to claim it.

I have to admit that my ordering habits in Mexican restaurants tend to be pretty predictable. Nine times out of ten I will go for guacamole and then any kind of dish with carnitas. The last time I had been to Cabrito, though, I was with my friend Marissa, who told me that I had to try their rajas con crema–roasted poblanos in cream, served with tortillas. I became a convert that day. This time around, when Jason and I ordered the rajas, he told me I should try to make it at home. To my delight, Cabrito actually posted their rajas con crema recipe in the Village Voice last  year, so I made this last night for a couple of friends who stopped over for dinner.  Here’s my adapted version.



Moroccan Beef Meatball Tagine

April 10, 2010

Wow, has this girl ever been delinquent. “Update Blog” has been on my google tasks list forever and ever, but somehow this has fallen through the cracks. Since my Superbowl post, I have turned 25 (yay, maybe?) and, perhaps as a result,  have also been trying to make some big life decisions. I have definitely been cooking up a storm as a means of zoning out and soul searching, yet somehow nothing has ended up online. But right now, I’m on the MegaBus back to New York from a hit-and-run trip to Boston. After listening to the NPR Food Podcast and an episode of The Splendid Table (pronounced spuh-lehndid), I’ve realized that the abundant free WiFi and the 2+ hours left on my trip back to NYC gives me little to no excuse not to get back in the game. So now, as I sit here on the top deck of an overheated bus, surrounded by sleeping comrades left and right and with the gorgeous voice of Jeff Tweedy piping through my headphones, I give you meatballs.