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Rosemary Spiced Cashews

December 14, 2009

I was at my friend Nicole’s wedding last weekend, and one of my friends stole my camera momentarily and started flipping through my photos only to discover dozens of pictures of pots of this and that. Long story short, I’ve been doing lots of cooking but hardly any writing. But here I am again, with all sorts of ambitions to start posting lots of yummy things.

Which brings me to this treat: rosemary spiced cashews. My family postponed our Thanksgiving celebration this year to the following Saturday, as my sister, a second-year resident, was on call on turkey day and thus had to spend her day away from us, instead watching Home Alone over and over again (um, best thing ever?) and going out for dinner. Two days later, our whole family came to our house not just to celebrate the holiday all together, but also to celebrate my sister’s newly-announced engagement (woo!) with her soon-to-be in-laws.  My mom has a tried-and-true Mama Z version of all of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes–a particularly awesome stuffing recipe and a luscious green bean casserole among my favorites–and I didn’t really want to step on her culinary toes at the dinner table. So I thought I might make a snack to serve along with the hors d’oeurves.  This recipe really couldn’t be easier or more addictive.



Chocolate Cinnamon Bundt Cake with Mocha Icing

November 14, 2009


What you see here is not just a Bundt cake; it is a birthday Bundt. How did this come to be, exactly?

It all started with a Bundt pan lying around unused in my cabinet. I bought it because I overestimated the number of cakes I’d be baking, I suppose. I justified the purchase by convincing myself it wasn’t a unitasker, so it would be good for more than just cakes (word has it that Bundts are handy for roasting racks of lamb–not that I ever make lamb, but you know it’s good to have just in case).

Now, I consider myself to be a fairly thrifty person to begin with, but I am especially frugal on a nonprofit salary. So when I saw this recipe for a Chocolate Cinnamon Bundt Cake in the September issue of Bon Appetit as I was looking for a recipe for Jason’s birthday cake, I noticed two things: 1) it claims to make use of ingredients that are probably in one’s pantry anyway, and 2) it gave me an excuse to use my bundt pan.

I just wanted to clear it with him first–Bundts aren’t exactly birthdayish; after all, there’s a lot of surface area missing for writing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” in icing. Nevertheless, my heart was set on trying this particular recipe.


Summer Vegetable Soup

August 20, 2009


As much as it jars me to say it, summer is rapidly winding to a close (where did it even go?). Still, the farmer’s market in my neighborhood is only in its first couple of weeks of operation for the season. While I do not consider myself a vegetarian by any stretch of imagination, I’ve found myself gravitating more and more towards meatless recipes in general lately, and especially because there’s so much great produce this time of year.

This week is hot and steamy and gross, the kind of late-August weather that makes ice cream the only really acceptable thing to eat for dinner. Luckily I’ve been lazy enough about keeping up this blog to have things to write about that I prepared before this heat wave went full steam ahead (cue groan).